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We started Sixstar Tech because we think companies need more than an outsourced team of programmers. There can be enormous risk in technology projects—they are often expensive, time consuming, and often fail to solve the original objective. Between us there is more than 40 years of experience as individual contributors and leaders in the software industry, we’ve seen a lot in our varied careers and this gives us a unique perspective on your business. Yes, we have technology chops but more than that we have seen the many ways that businesses have leveraged advanced technology to drive business outcomes. Our commitment is to help you get maximum impact out of your technology budget.

Geoff Greene - Co-Founder and CEO

Geoff Greene

Co-Founder and CEO

Geoff is a seasoned technology executive with an obsessive focus on product and market strategy. With extensive experience in leading technical and operational transformations for startups, growth stage companies, and turnarounds, Geoff has proven expertise in leveraging technology to drive business growth and deliver high impact. His strategic leadership style emphasizes agility, efficient processes, and fostering high-performing, self-organizing teams.

Geoff holds a degree from the University of Massachusetts and is a Certified AWS Solution Architect. He has also been granted several patents, including those related to document generation, remote access to tracking system contact information, automatic tracking of contact interactions, and collaboration recommendation.

In his free time you can find Geoff on the tennis courts of suburban MA.

Devin Foulger - Co-Founder and CTO

Devin Foulger

Co-Founder and CTO

Devin is an highly accomplished software engineer with extensive experience in enterprise and e-commerce product architecture, development, testing, and deployment. With a strong background in cloud-native, full-stack development, Devin is driven by a passion for innovative solutions to complex problems and finding the right technology for the job.

Devin has mastered a wide range of technologies and has a particular talent for keeping up with the latest trends. Devin is able to quickly determine if a new technology truly offers an advantage and, if so, is able to leverage it rapidly for maximum impact.

Devin holds a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics from SUNY Geneseo.

In his free time you can find Devin snowboarding the White Mountains of New Hampshire or boogie boarding with the seals on Cape Cod.