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Introducing Sixstar Tech

Introducing Sixstar Tech

written by Geoffrey Greene on 7/17/2023

What’s going to make us different from the hundreds (thousands?) of other tech consulting businesses out there? Experience. The team at Sixstar Tech has seen a lot in our varied careers and this gives us a unique perspective on your business. We have deep experience in B2C and B2B. Yes, we have technology chops but more than that we have seen the many ways that businesses have leveraged advanced technology to drive business outcomes. We will help you get maximum impact out of every dollar of your technology budget.

Do you have a technology project that needs to get started and you want guidance to get it going in the right direction?

The Sixstar Tech team can turn your business goals into a technology plan. We have the experience and skills to partner with your business people to understand their vision and develop the right plan. We can then help your team to deliver or provide the resources to execute on that plan to accelerate your business:

  • Identify, prioritize and deliver the high value work that will propel results
  • Create a clear plan that drives your business forward
  • Partner with the build team to deliver on a rapid cadence
  • Help the team stay focused on the vision

Is there a legacy system that has become difficult to maintain?

Let Sixstar Tech conduct an analysis of your legacy systems and provide you with a detailed upgrade plan to lower costs, improve performance and deliver real results. Don’t let the drag of accumulated tech-debt hold you back. Some examples of how to transform your legacy systems:

  • Containerize physical servers
  • Save money by moving infrequently accessed files to long term archival storage
  • Move from self managed databases to cloud managed or full serverless database technology
  • Centralized reporting databases into a single repository

Late to the cloud computing party and have systems and applications still collocated? Do you want to know if there’s a good reason to move them or confirmation that they are better off left where they are?

Sixstar Tech can audit your systems to identify opportunities to leverage the cloud. The cloud can be used to lower maintenance costs, improve performance, or to take advantage of powerful new technologies. Here are some ways the cloud can make a difference for your applications and give your business a new advantage:

  • Use event driven architectures to decouple your systems and add the scale you need
  • Move reporting and financial analysis activities to cutting edge big data platforms
  • Create APIs to legacy functionality and start developing new cloud-native applications