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In today’s world it’s hardly possible to write software that doesn’t require access to a 3rd party system. Much of the effort in constructing modern software is the act of integrating a variety of disparate APIs into a single high impact product. Sixstar Tech can help you navigate this complex patchwork of 3rd party products and APIs.


Whether you are just starting out and need some guidance on selecting and integrating third party solutions, have an existing platform and are looking to augment with additional functionality, or are looking to swap out a costly or ineffective product, Sixstar Tech can help you with all phases from evaluation to production.


  • Email services
  • Payment/checkout
  • Fraud protection
  • Tax calculation
  • Marketplace product feeds
  • Marketing tag management
  • Analytics
  • Product reviews
  • Loyalty programs

Sixstar Tech can also help you unlock the potential of your platform. You can increase the value of your products by creating APIs that encourage developers to integrate with your systems. APIs can be leveraged by internal teams to promote good programming and architectural practices.

Additionally, using integrations is an important step in unlocking the value in the data that could be sitting underutilized around your company. Sixstar Tech can help you automate moving that data into a centralized data lake or warehouse.